TOEFL Training and TOEFL Prediction Test at IUQI Bogor presented by Lembaga Bahasa Universitas Pamulang

            Located in Institute Ummul Quro al-Islami Bogor, Lembaga Bahasa Universitas Pamulang held a TOEFL prediction test on Saturday, October 2nd 2021. This event was held as a form of Implementation Arrangement (IA) of MoA that has been signed before between Lembaga Bahasa Universitas Pamulang and Institut Ummul Quro al-Islam on Tuesday, September 12th, 2021. With obeying the Covid-19 protocol, the test was participated by 120 students of Institut Ummul Quro al-Islami and divided into 6 classes.

            Before the test, the participants were invited to join an online training via Google Meet and offline training in the class, some hours before the test. Guided by the team, trainers, and invigilators of Lembaga Bahasa Universitas Pamulang, both of these training took 3 hours for every class.

            The following are the documentations during the training and test.

Online training session with Mrs. Sri Nitta Crissiana Wirya Atmaja, S.S., M.M.
Offline training session with Mr. Tito Dimas Atmawijaya, S.Pd., M.Hum.
The Team, Trainers, and Invigilators of Lembaga Bahasa Universitas Pamulang
Offline training session at IUQI Bogor
Offline training session
Offline training material
Offline training session with Mrs. Laksmy Ady Kusumoriny, S.S., M.Pd
Offline training session with Mr. Nahoras Bona Simarmata, S.S., M.Hum
Mr. Sukma Septian Nasution, S.Pd, M.Pd. describes the instruction before the test begin