“TOEFL Score Booster” Virtual Seminar

Flyer TOEFL Score Booster Seminar

In the early of November 2021, Lembaga Bahasa Universitas Pamulang held a Virtual Seminar entitled “TOEFL Score Booster”. Attended by about 130 participants this seminar was divided into 3 sessions on different days. They were 6th for Session 1, 10th for Session 2, and 11th for Session 3. It involved 3 speakers who focused on 3 different topics.

In the Session 1, the topic was Reading Comprehension with Bambang Irawan, S.S., M.Pd. Then, on November 10th, the material of Session 2 was presented by Ibnu Sina, S.P., M.Sc. He gave a comprehension about the Listening skill of TOEFL. And on the last Session, the topic was Structure and Written Expression, delivered by Darmawati, S.Kom., M.Pd. Each session of this seminar took about 3 hours, from 9 to 12 AM via Zoom Meeting.

Session 1 Seminar, November 6th, 2021, with Bambang Irawan, S.S., M.Pd.

Within each session, the speaker gave detailed comprehension of selected topic about TOEFL. As we know, a TOEFL score can influence the ability of someone’s skill in English, specially in professional scope. Therefore, this seminar was purposed to boost the score of TOEFL Test participants, by giving the materials and exercises together with the discussion of each question.

Delivered in casual conversation, the participants seemed enthusiastic and active in responding to the materials given by each speaker. In the future, hopefully more students will take participate in the next similar seminar held by Lembaga Bahasa, and the material given can be beneficial for them, especially in taking the TOEFL test.

Session 2 Seminar, November 10th, 2021 with Ibnu Sina, S.P., M.Sc.
Session 3 Seminar, November 11th, 2021 with Darmawati, S.Kom., M.Pd.