Internal Meeting of British Corner EnglishScore Partnership Plan

On Friday, December 17th, 2021, the Team of Lembaga Bahasa Universitas Pamulang held a meeting that discussed the chance of partnership between Lembaga Bahasa and British Council EnglishScore. It was attended by the Rector of Universitas Pamulang, Dr. E. Nurzaman A.M, Msi., M.M., Vice Rector 2, Dr. Subarto, M.Pd. the Head of English Department, Tryana, S.S., M.Pd., and the team of Lembaga Bahasa, and held at Structural Room of Lembaga Bahasa Unpam on the first floor Viktor Building.

Within the meeting, detailed information about the benefits of this partnership were described, as follows:

  • The test can be accessed by gadget because it is an application-based test that can be installed on a smartphone and directly controlled by the system.
  • The certificate is globally recognized by the professional and academic world, even for immigration purposes.
  • The logo of Unpam can be put on the certificate together with the British Council’s.
  • And other more benefits.

This partnership must be beneficial for Unpam since there are limited only to 50 chosen universities in Indonesia to become the partner of the British Council in Indonesia. Unpam has the chance to be one of them. Furthermore, it can increase the rank of English Department and also university in case to support the vision and mission of Unpam that is to be the best 40 National universities. In the future, the Rector hopes Lembaga Bahasa can build other partnerships with schools and universities around Unpam related to the English programs.

Following pictures are the documentation during the meeting: